A four-season online course designed by Adam Haritan to help you successfully forage wild mushrooms.



Few rewards are greater than harvesting baskets full of edible mushrooms from the wild.  With proper instruction, you can partake in this lifelong adventure that connects you to nature one mushroom at a time.

FORAGING WILD MUSHROOMS is a step-by-step video course designed to teach you how to confidently and successfully forage wild mushrooms. Whether you're interested in foraging for food, for medicine, for study, or just for fun, this online course covers the most important lessons to get you started.


If you are eager to harvest wild mushrooms but don't know where to start, or where to go, or how to discern between edible and poisonous species, FORAGING WILD MUSHROOMS will equip you with the necessary skills to ensure that your harvests are safe and rewarding.

With guided lessons through high-quality videos and supplemental materials, FORAGING WILD MUSHROOMS is designed to set you up for success.

Hi, I'm Adam


I am the founder of Learn Your Land — an online educational resource dedicated to teaching the importance of nature connection through species identification.

I’ve been teaching mushroom classes all over the eastern United States for several years.  During my interactions with aspiring foragers, I've heard recurring struggles time and again:

“I don’t know where to start.”  “What are these mushrooms in my yard?”  “How do I avoid harvesting the wrong mushroom?”  “I have no idea what to do with wild mushrooms once I bring them home.”  “How do I make medicinal mushroom extractions?”  "Who can teach me what I need to know?"

These are all great questions and valid concerns.  Truthfully, mushroom hunting can be very difficult without the proper instruction and resources.  It can also be difficult without the guidance of an experienced teacher.

That’s why I created FORAGING WILD MUSHROOMS — to help aspiring foragers safely and successfully harvest and process wild mushrooms with confidence.

FORAGING WILD MUSHROOMS is a 4-season online course that equips you with all the instruction you need to get started, including guided lessons on mushroom ecology, mushroom biology, common edible mushrooms, medicinal mushrooms, poisonous mushrooms, cooking techniques, medicine-making, and more.

I’ve derived so much enjoyment foraging wild food and medicine from the fungal kingdom over the years, and I’d love to help you experience the same thrills too.


Here's what's included in the online course.

Work at your own pace.  The course includes over 80 videos organized into 13 modules.  How long the course takes is up to you — you can work at your own pace, put the course on hold if necessary, and return to it at any time.

Unlimited access. Once you enroll, the course and all materials will always be available to you.

Supplemental materials. In addition to over 80 instructional videos, this course includes supplemental materials that will assist you along the way.  These handouts can be downloaded and printed for easy viewing.



Introduction To Fungi

Learn the fundamentals of fungal ecology, biology, anatomy, and taxonomy.

Getting Ready For The Hunt

Equip yourself with the necessary tools, equipment, and observational skills before you head into the woods.

Edible Spring Mushrooms

Learn to identify wild edible fungi that appear when the ground thaws and spring arrives.

Edible Summer Mushrooms

Continue your explorations through the warmest months of the year in search of summer's finest edible mushrooms.

Edible Autumn Mushrooms

Learn to identify a cornucopia of edible fungi that grow during the autumn months.

Edible Winter Mushrooms

Experience winter with a brand new set of skills as you learn to forage the most hardy species in the fungal kingdom.

Medicinal Mushrooms

Learn how to identify the most thoroughly-researched medicinal fungi and create homemade decoctions and dual-extractions.

Poisonous Mushrooms

Familiarize yourself with nature's most common poisonous fungi by learning their physical characteristics and toxicity profiles.

Cooking & Preserving Wild Mushrooms

Learn how to clean, dehydrate, store, and cook your bountiful collections so that no harvest is wasted.

Resources & Additional Learning

Supplement your learning with Adam's personal recommendations on the best mushroom books, field guides, websites, and events.

Bonus Mushrooms

Learn to identify even more fascinating fungi in the Bonus Mushrooms module.

Supplemental Materials

Gain access to a variety of instructional documents that accompany the video lessons.


In addition to detailed medicinal mushroom videos that give you step-by-step instructions on how to make homemade medicines, FORAGING WILD MUSHROOMS also includes a supplemental guide to medicinal fungi that all students can download.  This 42-page guide summarizes the latest research on the most popular medicinal mushrooms with over 75 peer-reviewed references.


Here’s what you will be able to do after completing the course:

  • Identify with confidence over 50 wild edible mushrooms that grow in eastern North America.
  • Identify the most common poisonous mushrooms that grow in eastern North America.
  • Safely and sustainably harvest wild edible mushrooms, bring them into your home, and create delicious wild foraged meals that can be shared with family and friends.
  • Create wild foraged medicines by making homemade decoctions and dual-extracted tinctures.
  • Nourish your body with healthy, local, and sustainably-foraged ingredients.
  • Create a community of mushroom enthusiasts by sharing what you have learned with neighbors, family, and friends.
  • Gain a greater appreciation for nature and interact with the wild in deeply engaging ways.


Aspiring foragers, outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and more!


This course is designed specifically for mushroom foragers at the beginner skill level in eastern North America. More specifically, this course features mushrooms that grow in the temperate zones east of the Rocky Mountains. Advanced topics and obscure mushrooms are not discussed in detail, though they may be briefly mentioned throughout the course.

If you live outside of eastern North America, you are still welcome to enroll in FORAGING WILD MUSHROOMS. Universal topics are covered throughout the course, including fungal biology, ecology, testing for chemical reactions, medicine-making, harvesting techniques, cooking, storing, and preserving. Additionally, many mushrooms with broad distributions are featured, including Morels, Chanterelles, Oysters, Honey Mushrooms, and Turkey Tail. However, students at the beginner skill level who live and forage in temperate eastern North America will predictably derive the most benefit in taking this course.

To see a list of mushrooms featured in this course, please click here.



Mycology is an ever-changing science.  Relying solely on books for guidance can be challenging and problematic.  Many field guides provide outdated information and limit the amount of photos for each species — oftentimes leaving the reader with more questions than answers. 

FORAGING WILD MUSHROOMS provides high-quality, full-length videos that showcase each mushroom species in detail.  Each video is designed to answer your most important questions by highlighting key features and presenting the most up-to-date information.



"On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give this course at least 11 stars. I have taken a lot of online courses and feel that this course simply offers an extraordinary value: it's incredibly thorough, thoughtfully organized, and delivered with a warmth, encouragement, and passion that are infectious and motivating.  As a direct result of taking this course, I have been able to harvest, preserve, and prepare a wide variety of edible and medicinal mushrooms with confidence despite having no previous training.  Thank you to Adam for making this course and to any myco-curious person reading this, do yourself a favor and buy this course right now!"
—Kaitlin S.

"This course is the best educational investment I have ever made, and I wholeheartedly recommend it for 5 reasons.  First, Adam Haritan is unequivocally the best teacher I have encountered, and that is saying something given that I was a professional student for 8 years and had many teachers and professors.  Second, the production quality of each instructional video used in the course is second-to-none.  Third, the course is extremely well organized and packed with subject-matter instruction, practical advice, and references to scientific studies.  Fourth, the course is very reasonably priced and even offers a monthly payment option.  Finally, Adam is in my opinion one of the most inspiring people you will ever come across.  His enthusiasm and passion for the wonderful world of wild harvested mushrooms is downright infectious and life-changing.  You will never regret taking this course."
—Jared S.

"Adam does an exceptional job at explaining identifying characteristics and goes even further with videos that show you each species in depth so you feel as though you have a 'hands on' experience.  This helped me in my adventures into the woods. He was also very helpful when I had questions about fungi that I wasn’t quite sure about.  I am so glad I decided to take his class and would recommend that anyone who may be thinking about enrolling to go ahead and do so, as you won’t regret it."
Tammy T.

"Foraging Wild Mushrooms is an impressive, comprehensive resource.  My wife and I found it to be just what we were looking for.  It provided us with the guidance to feel confident out in the field.  It has helped us a great deal to be able to revisit the lessons as much as we need.  We had an incredible mushroom season last year, in part due to the information we learned in the videos.  We now have a mutual love of mushroom hunting that we'll share together for a lifetime."
—Darryl N.

"As a long-time fan of Adam’s website and a more recent forager, I was eager to sign up for Foraging Wild Mushrooms.  I was not disappointed.  Always informative, well produced and concise — the videos have given me confidence in my identification of the few edible mushrooms I was already aware of, and in addition they have also introduced me to several new choice mushrooms.  Even more importantly his course has taught me how to tell the difference between those ‘for the table’ and those fungi that are to be avoided.  This course is excellent, and I am grateful to Adam for making it available.  Highly recommended!"
—Dan S.

"Adam is a fantastic teacher.  I am really feeling very well educated and am absolutely delighted by my investment in this training!  Adam is so enthusiastic as well as learned on the subject matter — and he delivers it in such a beautiful blend of simplicity and science that I feel both ease as well as depth in the learning process."
—Anjel H.


It is deeply satisfying to be able to bring home fresh, local, nutritious, and delicious food from the wild and share our harvests with friends and family.  With proper instruction, you can partake in this incredibly rewarding activity and experience all the thrills that a forager’s life entails.




It sounds like hyperbole but it's true:  foraging has transformed my life.  In addition to feeding my body the best food that nature has to offer, foraging has changed the way that I view and experience the world.

This online course walks you through the process of becoming a skilled and proficient mushroom forager so that you too can experience similar benefits.

Sign up for the FORAGING WILD MUSHROOMS notification list today and get ready for an education that will last a lifetime.



Develop the skills and confidence to successfully harvest wild mushrooms from forests, fields, and even from your own backyard! 


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